Tenant Information

Maid Clean

When you arrive at your residence, it should be “maid clean”. That is, your residence should be as clean as if you hired a maid to come in to clean it.

We have found in the past that people have a different perspective of clean. We have also found that it is a relative thing and that it can vary from person to person. It can even vary from when a person moves in as opposed to when they are moving out.

            Therefore, in order to make our idea of cleaning more objective, your place should be clean to the standards of our maids-3 Maids Cleaning. If you do not think that your residence is clean enough when you move in, please call us and we will make it right.

            Please keep in mind that when you move out, your residence should be left “maid clean” and as clean when you move out as when you moved in. If it is not, we will have our maids clean it again. This charge will be taken from your security deposit.
            If you have any questions, please call.


Thank you. 


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