We have a 60 day exclusive period on all new listings.  After the 60 days, if you have a buyer you can notify us about them in writing and we will pay you 40% of the net commission* if that property sells to your buyer.  Additionally, if the price has been reduced on a listing, we consider the next 30 days after the price reduction to be an exclusive period too.   After the exclusive period or periods, your buyer has to be someone we have to not talked to, communicated with, solicited or have known about whether in this transaction or any others.      If you are a true buyer agent with a signed Buyer Agency contract, you may bring your client to a showing conducted by us but you will have to look to your client for compensation if it is during our initial 60 day exclusive period or the price reduced period. Contact us for more details if you are interested.      * The commission available to any other broker on any property is the commission rate times the sale price less $1,500 times 40%. For example, $100,000 sale price times six percent less $1,500 equals the net commission times 40% or (($100,000 x.06) – $1,500)) x .40 is co-broker amount paid.  $6,000-$1,500 x .40 = $1,800 paid to the cooperating broker.     The 60 day exclusive period has lapsed on these listings. They are available for co-brokering:
2436 Route 219 North, Brockway, PA $102,000


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